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         Bpt Service is owned and operated by Michael Lawler. We are your source for quality service on all of your Bridgeport Machine Products in the greater New England area. Having over thirty years of experience on the Bridgeport lines of machine tools, thirty years with Bridgeport and seven years with Hardinge. We are based out of Milford, CT and provide service to any location you may request.


(Bridgeport) Built

        Series 1 Standard

        BOSS 3 to 15 CNC controlled machines, including, Series 1 CNC, Series 2 CNC, R2E3 Series 1 and 2, R2E4 Series 1 and 2, BTC 1, V2E3, Discovery 300 and 308, Apollo, EZ-Trak,  EZ-Surf, Explorer, V2XT,  Torq-Cut 22, TC-1, 2, 3 and 4. VMC-760, 800, 1000 DX-32, VMC-XV machines.

(Romi) Built

        EZ-Path 1 and 2, EZ-Path S, SD, SL 1, 2 and 3, Power Path

UK (Bridgeport) Built

        Interact 1 and 2, Interact Mark 2, Interact 4, Interact 308, 412, 760, 1000,  VMC-760, 1000 Digital, XP, XP2

USA/TAIWAN (Hardinge Built)

        VMC-760, 1000 XP3 and XR, VMC-1500 XR, GX Series, VMC-P3 Series, EZ-Plus, EZ-Vision, HMC Series.




            Bridgeport Machines New England, New York and New Jersey Field Service Engineer 12 Years out of the Shrewsbury, MA Office.

            Bridgeport Machines International Field Service Engineer, 12 Years, out of the corporate offices in Bridgeport, CT

            Bridgeport Machines National Service Manager, 2 Years, out of the corporate offices in Bridgeport, CT

            Hardinge/Bridgeport Field Service Engineer, 7 Years, covering all of the USA.

            Hardinge/Bridgeport Field Service Training Co-Coordinator/Service Training Instructor, 4 Years out of corporate in Elmira, NY

            Hardinge/Bridgeport Service Department's Web based Sharepoint System Manager, 2 Years


           Parts are available from us and alternate sources as necessary through a service call to your facility. In most cases we will determine what part(s) you may need before the service call takes place. PC Boards, Servo Motors, Spindle Motors, Servo Drive cards, Spindle Drive cards are all available through core exchange programs. Update kits and Motherboard kits are available for the entire PC based machines.

Software’s and Parameters

          Software for all the PC based machines is available as well as ladder programs for the majority of the Fanuc controlled machines.


Why do you need Bpt Service?

  • Save money
  • Single Source for all Bridgeport Parts, Softwares and Service
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Insured 
  • 30 Plus Years of Experience
  • Peace of mind

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