Bridgeport Machine Tool Repair                                       Phone: 203-615-2230  E-Mail


Bpt Service can assess and repair your machine to maintain optimum up time.
We provide the following services:

  • Troubleshoot electrical and mechanical faults in all Bridgeport Machine Tools
  • Repair all Bridgeport Machines after troubleshooting takes place.
  • Provide Parts or Part Source to keep your machine running. 
  • Calibrate machines for proper Backlash and Lead Screw Error.
  • Rebuild Bridgeport made 2J Vari Speed Heads on site.
  • Provide Spindle Balancing on all Bpt Service installed Spindles. (Hardinge built Bridgeport machines.)
  • Partition, Format Load the OS and Machine software to corrupted C:>: Mediums on PC Based machines.
  • Install replacement SBC type motherboard in older PC-Based machines having the older AT format.

    Keep your Bridgeport's in tip top shape 
    Call Bpt Service LLC today!

For On-Site Service in the Southeast Portion of the USA:
    Call Gary Geltz at 404-580-9346

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