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    "B&F Model and Pattern has multiple Bridgeport Maching Centers. They range in age from 1994 to present. Because our machines run elaborate molds, it is not uncommon for our machines to run non-stop on a single job for 48 hours. Downtime is a major concern of ours. We have followed Mike over the years from the various companies he has worked for to make sure we obtain his services. We are excited to see him on his own now with Bpt Service. When Mike was employed elsewhere, the company he worked for would send technician after technician to our facility fixing what they thought was the problem.  Eventually, Mike’s visit would put an end to the service calls.  He was the only technician that could correctly identify the problem and ultimately resolve it.  I have been using Mike’s services exclusively since 1995 and would highly recommend Bpt Service."


Jim Duggan

B & F Model and Pattern



"TMF Inc. is a fast-paced machine shop. Our client base expects rapid job quotes and prompt delivery. Therefore, we need a reliable service company to react quickly when one of our CNC machines goes down. Mike Lawler, now Bpt Service, has provided us with exactly that. Mike has the information, knowledge, and most importantly, the understanding of how our Bridgeport and Hardinge Bridgeport machining centers work. He is quick to diagnose our problems, obtain the proper part number information, and then knows where to obtain the parts or re-builds necessary."


Todd Decater


TMF Inc.


University of NH Space Science Machine Shop


"Our shop is involved in machining parts for a wide variety of scientific equipment, but our main focus is on space satellites. This work requires that our machines be maintained in excellent working condition in order to hold the tight tolerances required.

             We have two CNC and three manual Bridgeport Mills that must be calibrated annually in order to meet NASA specifications. We have entrusted this job and also any other serious maintenance into the very capable hands of one Mike Lawler of Bpt Services LLC.

             During 42 years in various machine shops, I have seen few people as versatile and or as thorough as he. When his services are required, we can rely on him to respond in a timely manner, always with honest advice and if necessary dependable repairs. On several occasions his prompt action and Yankee ingenuity has saved the day and I highly recommend his services."





John H. Levasseur

Machine Shop Supervisor

Univ. of NH

Durham, NH 03820



“Our company has been in business for over 30 years. We are a manufacturer of shielding products used in the nuclear industry. ( Over the years we have owned various Bridgeport Manual and CNC Machines. Mike Lawler has always been our serviceman of choice. Through his years with Bridgeport Machines and then Hardinge, Mike’s knowledge of the Bridgeport product line is unsurpassed. We use BptService for all our machine repair needs and strongly recommend his services.”

Lee Nemeth
Kolga, LLC
141 South Main St.
Beacon Falls, CT 06403
203-729-6800 Ext. 12

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